On-Screen advertising gives you unparalleled access to a large, highly captive South Asian audience which other advertising formats can't begin to match. Advertising at our exclusive Bollywood theatres in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver allows brands to break through the clutter in ways that no other media can. Cinema provides patrons with a full sight, sound and motion experience on 50 foot screens in high-definition with surround sound. That is why cinema ads score five to six times greater recall than television commercials.

Clients can choose to use a 15 second still slide ad or a 15-60 second full motion and sound commercial. All ads are displayed atleast 2 times before each movie and another 2 times during the intermission of each movie. This repetitiveness is one of the reason the onscreen ads are so effective, giving the advertisers a platform to reach out to the audience multiple times within a two and a half hour period.

With 3-4 shows per day, your ad will be displayed on the screen almost 400 times per month per screen!

Completed DVD commercials are welcome but we also do offer in house production of commercials suited to your needs.

For more information on commercial specifications, visit our specification page.

For additional Information, please contact us at 416-624-4133.




Movie Theatre Advertising Benefits...

  • Shown almost 400 times per month on each screen!
  • Repetative exposure to increased ad recall.
  • Crisp clear picture on a 50 foot screen.
  • Quick turnaround time from production to on-screen.

Movie Theatre Advertising - Additional Benefits!