Lobby advertisement at Albion Cinemas, Woodside Cinemas & Raja Cinemas offers excellent placement of ad in prime high traffic areas. One of the most effective and easy ways to advertise in our lobbies includes LCD advertisement on our large and strategically placed LCD monitors in the lobby, concession area and entrance. Ads can be either slides or full commercials and repeat every 2 minutes all day long. That’s more than 9000 times per month!


With no limits to what is possible, some of the opportunities available include:


• Lobby Posters

• Banners

• Floor Stickers

• Standees

• Booths

• Flyers

• Ticket backs

• Washroom ads

• Movie Sponsorships

The Benefits

 Prime positioning in high traffic areas

 Impact & Visibility

 Captive audience

 Unique environment

To view our sample ads, please click here

Combine the lobby advertisement with our on-screen program and build a complete messaging or branding experience. Contact us to discuss how we can design a creative and effective advertising campaign for your business.