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67% of the audience combines dinner and a movie - so restaurants can
attract customers in 'real time'.

34% of the audience will purchase a car within the next 12 months - if you want them to buy your dealership's cars, you can reach them here.

89% of the audience is there with a date or a spouse - so you reach both decision makers with your message.

8% of the audience will make a major jewelry item or major investment purchase within the next 12 months - high-end retail and financial services reach a highly interested audience for their products.

The average income level of adults in the audience is over $55K annually and over $70K annually per family - higher-than-average income means more buying power than the average TV, radio or newspaper audience.

83% of the adults in the audience have some college education - important for employment services, recruiters and placement agencies.

44% of the audience sees 3 films per month or more - they repeatedly encounter your positive advertisement.


Who are the people sitting in the audience?

95% of our viewers at Albion and Woodside Cinemas are of south Asian decent (Indian, Pakistani & Punjabi & Tamil ) - With over 60,000 viewers per month we can capture the South Asian market like no other.